Mozilla Firefox 3 3.6.28

Vintage edition of the free and open source web-browser from Mozilla

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows 10

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Mozilla Firefox 3 3.6.28
Mozilla Firefox 3 3.5.4

Firefox 3 is a vintage version of the Firefox web browser that works well on older computers. It's a good choice for those who want to use a previous version for web surfing too.

Though Firefox is a popular web browser, some users dislike the way it automatically downloads new updates. Once you close your window and reopen the browser, you can only use the new version. Some updates may cause the browser to run slowly or limit the number of tabs that you can use at the same time. With Firefox 3, you can restore your browser to an older version.

The main issue with this browser is that it doesn't have very many features. Using it will remind you why so many people like the modern versions of Firefox. It has a fairly basic look and lacks some of the add-ons and plug-ins that you might use on a newly updated version. Those who want something simple that is easy to use though will prefer this version to a newer one.

Its design features a large address bar across the top of the page with a search bar to the right. The address bar will keep track of the sites that you visit most frequently and keep those pages listed. Clicking the arrow button at the end of the bar lets you select one of those sites. You can also enter a letter or word in the bar and view all pages related to that letter/word from your browsing past.

With the search bar, you can select the search engine that you want to use. Though it comes with Google set as your default, you can pick another. Entering a term in this bar will bring up a list of related search terms that you can choose from based on what you want to find. Firefox 3 includes a Most Visited button just beneath the address bar too.

The options menu gives you access to all the settings and features that you need. You can choose what happens when you download a file, including whether the file should open and where your computer saves a copy. This menu lets you change when the browser opens and what page it loads first as well as whether you want to set it as your default browser.

While Firefox 3 lacks some of the advanced settings found on modern versions, it's still a good option for older computers and any device with an older operating system because it runs smoothly and quickly.


  • Allows you to watch web videos in a full screen format
  • Comes with a tool that searches for plug-ins that you can use
  • Lets you keep multiple tabs open at the same time
  • Offers tools and support for organizing your bookmarks
  • Has some advanced security features


  • Does not work with all add-ons and plug-ins
  • Lacks customization features
  • Looks basic

Firefox version 3.0 was downloaded more than 8 million times on its release day. Firefox has become one of the world's most prominent browsers, although it is lagging behind Google's Chrome browser. Firefox version 3.0 introduced several improvements over the previous versions. The new version was well received by most of the users. The market share for version 3.0 stands at three percent compared to other versions of Firefox. The usage is less than 0.5 percent compared to other browsers. Firefox 3.0 offers several new features and major improvements.


Firefox version 3.0 takes less time to deliver web pages than Firefox version 2.0. The most important factor determining a browser's acceptance is its speed. Firefox version 3.0 has definitely satisfied its users in this area.

Download Manager

The download manager in Firefox version 3.0 allows a user to pause and resume downloads. It also supports multiple downloads.

Password Manager

The password manager function provides the ability to either ignore or remember passwords entered by users. The password manager asks the user to save the password before the user enters the password to a web site.


Firefox version 3.0 allows users to save much higher number of bookmarks than previous versions. The improved process helps users to access more pages from the browser history.

Operating System Support

Firefox version 3.0 is supported on most of the popular operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS.


Firefox version 3.0 introduced different visual themes on various operating systems. The browser display and the navigation buttons appear different on each of the supported operating systems.

Crash Reporter

Firefox version 3.0 comes with an improved crash reporter function known as Breakpad. This is a standard function created for many open source products.

Full Screen Videos

Firefox version 3.0 supports watching full screen videos, provided the video comes with HTML 5 video tags.

Theme Gallery

Firefox version 3.0 comes with the Personas theme gallery, created by Mozilla. This helps users to apply various themes to the browser with a single click.

Tabbed Browsing

The tabbed browsing feature is common in most of the browsers. The ability to open and close individual tabs works really well with Firefox. The browser rarely crashes or experiences any performance problems with multiple tabs.

Integrated Google Search

Firefox version 3.0 offers integrated Google search. You can use the URL bar to load a web site or search using keywords. The search results are displayed in a Google search results page.

Pros and Cons


?Improved speed and performance

?Tabbed browsing

?Integrated Google search

?Support for full screen videos

?Extra storage for bookmarks and history

?Improved security and password management.


?Version 3.0 has become outdated with newer versions of Firefox

?Takes more memory with all the newer and advanced features

?Does not render some sites designed for Internet Explorer

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